Rohit Ugale is an Indian businessman.

Rohit Ugale, founder and CEO of Satmat Group is seen making significant contributions in realising the objectives of the Atmanirbhar Bharat (self-reliant) campaign.

Who Is Rohit Ugale?

Rohit Ugale is a founder and CEO of SATMAT GROUP .He is a dedicated owner and focuses on delivering service to the clients on various market segments including Management, E-commerce, Google, Utilities, Telecom. He completed his intermediate and waiting to emerge into the world with a multi-talented personality. He is a huge inspiration for his entire team due to the excellence in every sphere of his life. Mr. Rohit and running his company Satmat Group in Pune due to sheer dedication and excellent strategy. He is the best example of a smart businessman as having the quality of a versatile and flamboyant person. Being an inspiration to thousands of businessmen and students, he established the software company in 2017.

rohit ugale
rohit ugale

Rohit Ugale is a motivated entrepreneur with the determination to help new IT companies. With this proper experience and skill, the business will get complete support for completing the client’s tough tasks. Until now his company has already delivered more than 3000 software websites while helping individuals and companies. He understands the competition due to his proper analysis which ensures the best online platform against the competitors. Within four years his company has expanded a lot and it is no longer a start-up company. Under his leadership, more than 180 employees are working at Satmat Group. Most importantly is companies offer free and discounted services for various small companies which will help them get across difficult times during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Mr. Rohit Ugale being an expert in different fields he is a self-made entrepreneur. He is dedicated to making significant contributions that are built up in the objectives for a self-reliant campaign. Look into the expertise which will help in rapid progress in your brand and business.

Business Consultation

Rohit Ugale offers expert business consultation with help in adapting to the market dynamics today. He is determined to offer high-end consultation, which will help your business in adopting all the modern techniques to progress further. He has successfully helped in growing multiple businesses with our expertise which is completely based on field analytics. He will ensure you two offer experienced consultation which will help in getting progress with your business.

Brand Building

Rohit Ugale understands that brand is the identity and the most valuable asset of every business. The brand shows the purpose, strength, and values along with the course for the services and the products. He is having multiple years of brand-building experience and helped various major brands with their brand-building projects. His expertise helped them to achieve the goals in the brand-building process to ensure a unique and creative branding landscape. Every brand building will be done with in-depth research which will assure the effort and the quality.

Business Marketing

Modern and advanced business marketing will help in getting connected with the target audience in no time. With the changing marketing, the process gets connected with the consumers using digital media with proper analysis and planning. The main objective of business marketing is to convert the target audience into sales to ensure a boost in revenue income.

Project Analysis

Every project is unique and required to have a proper analysis before the implementation of various tools for success. His expertise and experience will help in ensuring the detailed analysis to pave the path to success. Project analysis involves the proper understanding of the client and consumer requirements to deliver the utmost service.

Business Service

Rohit Ugale’s expertise and experience will help in managing activities and tasks for the proper management of the business. Proper analysis and planning will help in providing the best business service procurement, shipping, and finance. He will follow the five characteristics which will ensure the proper business service with high-end delivery.

Business Security

Security is one of the major concerns in every business would you be security for the protection of employees as well as the business assets. Business security involves protection from digital threads as well as physical threads to ensure the nonstop progress of the brand. He will ensure to provide customized security as every business is unique from one another.

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Rohit Ugale, founder and CEO of Satmat Group is seen making significant contributions in realising the objectives of the Atmanirbhar Bharat (self-reliant) campaign.India's highly qualified talent pool of technical graduates is..

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